Monday, 21 April 2014

Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

Polo neck - H&M
Trousers - Urban Outfitters
Socks - Primark
Creepers - Underground
Hi everyone. I'm trying to blog more regularly now that I'm on a break from uni and I think I'm getting the hang of these outfit pics. (She says while not standing in any of her photos).

I don't have a lot to say today for some reason so I thought I'd admit it rather than try desperately to spin out a post. But basically, I've been trying to 'do' more things and actually leave the house. On Saturday, I went to the Barbican with my boyfriend, for a really weird light exhibition. It was a pitch black corridor with swinging, floating lights that looked like UFOs. Next week, I'm going back there again for the 'Cinema's Baddest Girl Gangs' screening of 'Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!'

ARRRRRRRRRGH! I'm so excited about it! I've always wanted to see this on a big screen. I'm so used to watching films either on TV or on my laptop, I've forgotten about the magic of the cinema. Like The Grand Budapest Hotel is definitely a big screen film. The cinema is so weird because it's like a public space but it can also feel really intimate. I've always wanted to start a small cult film club where we could like watch amazing but also really trashy films (John Waters!!) in a darkly lit room with a floor sticky from popcorn and fizzy drink.

I'm kind of obsessed with b-movies, delinquent girl bosses, sukeban. I don't know why! I guess it's all Tarantino's fault. Amazing one-liners, fabulous hair, death stares and bitch-faces and girl power.

I'm loving the high wasted trousers, the desert setting and fast cars and rock and roll. It's been creeping into my personal style. I feel like this outfit is the first step towards transcending into full awesome girl-bossness. Maybe in a year you will see me in girl boss form, fresh from graduation. WATCH THIS SPACE!

Image sources: tumblr

Friday, 18 April 2014

The boss is a cat named Joe

Northern Soul top - Camden Market
Skirt - Top Shop
Tights - Primark
Pink Socks - Primark
Creepers - Underground

I don't mean to look so moody! I was just really anxious here about taking photographs and the camera being balanced precariously on a pile of books. I've been collecting a lot of black and white checked clothes recently. I don't know why but I've just found that I'm really drawn to that print and the monochrome so now I have black and white creepers, this black and white skirt, black and white checked trousers, a black and white checked dress from the whitepepper and if I can stop being l a z y and afraid they will probably make an appearance on this blog.

I've been obsessing over things from Moderngirlblitz's etsy account, especially the Dear Patriarchy pin and the sanitary towel pin. I might have to treat myself after exams! Also, I love that the image was made by scanning a pad. Frickin genius.

modern girl blitz, feminism, diy, etsy

The pad pin kind of made me think of creating a zine about periods. Like first period experiences, period mishaps, anger about people's attitudes towards them etc. I wish I had known about zines like that, with real voices, not something from the GPs or a clinic, when I started mine, just to let me know that there were other people who were scared and embarrassed about the same things. What do you think, guys? There would be submissions and that? Maybe it would be called Period Drama! d'you get it? hehehehe

Monday, 14 April 2014

We got no money and we gotta break in

Finally on my Easter break although it actually feels like the end of the year because i have no more lectures just essays and exams. I can finally have a life!! To me that means watching X Files in its entirety and then maybe writing sculder fanfiction.  I got my very first DSLR, a Canon EOS 1100D which I have named Cecil after the babely photographer Cecil Beaton:

cecil beaton, photography, bright young things,

Yesterday, my sister, Cecil-the-camera and I hopped on the train to Westfield Stratford just to hang around and do a bit of window shopping. The sun was out and it was kind of warm so despite being really suspicious of the weather, I decided not to wear a coat. Ignore my hair! I wish I could blame the wind but nooo

style blogger, unique style blog, unique fashion blogs, kanken bag, doc marten shoes, fred perry polo shirt, black blogger

We went to the food court at the far end of the shopping centre and visited the Umai Sushi Centre. I love sushi so much it is unreal. For Christmas, my boyfriend and I did a sushi making class at YO!Sushi. We had to get there really early but it was so worth it. At Umai, I was so torn between buying a whole lot of sushi and buying a sushi kit, in the end I chose the latter. So hopefully, sushi for dinner tonight!

We also visited the Doc Marten store. Dr Martens are my favourite brand of shoe. Apart from a pair of heels I wore for prom two years ago, loafers and my Underground creepers, all my shoes are Doc Martens and I will probably bankrupt myself buying them! I tried on these Agyness Dean Strap shoes which I had seen out of the corner of my eye in the DM store in Brighton and U G H: they are perfection. I wasn't sure if they'd allow me to take pictures inside the store but here's a picture of the shoes from the website:

                     American Apparel Jumper (Boyfriend's)
                               Urban Outfitters Dungarees
                                       Fred Perry Polo 
                                          Doc Martens
                                        Femrock badge

I also got some cool things to start the spring/summer with, my favourites being this Dress Sexy at my Funeral bag from Laura Callaghan who is an amazing artist. I feel like it needs a very special outfit to go with it, so I need to get on that. I love how a lot of the girls in her artwork are so curvy.

I also got the second issue of Owen Clement's Wes Anderzine which is amazing. It arrived in a cute little envelope with a panda on it and it feels really good to hold. The contributions are fantastic

It's feels so good to be home in London. I've missed it so much. Hopefully with the camera I can take more pics so that I'm not a faceless narrator. You guys are so lovely with your comments and support, it's only polite that I'm actually here and reading and loving your comments by showing you my weird face! 



p.s this is the song this post's title is from: Pens - High in the Cinema 

Monday, 7 April 2014

Night Time, My Time

I've been collecting images of nightscapes or cities at night recently. I don't know why but there is something about all that fake light, the neon and shiny-ness that I love. The something so different about a city at night or dusk, almost magical. Daytime now is associated with Uni and working and being stressed. In the night I feel like everything is possible.

Dusk and night. The witching hour. Empty shopping centres and supermarkets and streets bathed in the eerie amber glow of the streetlights. It just feels like there is something in the air. And so many of the looks from Ashish fw14 fit so perfectly